Van T.
Highly recommend! I have LOTS of anxiety about going to the dentist. After this visit, I have become an advocate. Dr. Hien Ta was amazing. They made me feel comfortable and I believe the treatment plan is actionable and has my best interest in mind. Toi la nguoi Viet 68 tuoi, toi rat so moi khi di lam rang. Nhung bac si Hien Ta lam rang rat nhe nhang and doi ngu lam viet rat than thien. Cam on bac si va van phong nhieu!!!
Harison T.
Dr. Ta is the best dentist in OC.
Đại Dương Đào
My upward appreciation and highest recommendation for you to come to Unistar Dental and to Doctor Hien Tạ. Dr. Hien Ta's professionalism, loving-kindness and friendliness of the whole Unistar Dental team are exceptional & outstanding. I’ve been going with them for a few complicated processes and then for preventive care and cleaning. So it was a relief to find a highly skilled Doctor/Dentist with highest integrity. Doctor Hien Ta: Utterly professional, up to date technologically, honest, kind and knowledgeable, with greatest attention to details. Every treatment by Dr. Hien Ta at Unistar Dental was impeccable, meticulous and unrushed. In fact, the entire staff is excellent and attentive. If you are looking for the best and loving dental practice and great doctor dentist, Dr. Hien Ta is the Best!
John Dũng T.
To tell the truth, I haven't written anything about a dentist though I have been to many of them. This time is an exception. I wish to give Dr. Hien Ta a 5 star + for his performance. Superficially, his office is not luxuriously decorated but simple, clean, and well-lighted. His wait time is minimum. Professionally, he is the best dentist I have ever met before. He is a skilled doctor who worked patiently, professionally, and conscientiously. Above all, his manner to patient is diplomatically gentle. I had six teeth to be filled, five teeth that needed to be pulled out in which three incisors needed to be replaced with dentures. The temporary denture looked so cosmetically genuine! that all members in my family dropped their jaws in surprise. What about the costs? Very affordable. I wish to highly recommend him to anyone who wants his/her teeth well-taken care of. In a addition, the staff at front desk are so nice, friendly, and courteous.
Tony D.
I would come to have my teeth care for at this office. The doctor is very skill and gentle. He is one of the best dentist in town for all of your dental need.
Dang T.
I called Unistar office this morning hoping to get a an appointment right away because my tooth was aching and today is my only day off, plus I did not want to wait and deal with this pain long, most offices would tell me they can't fit me in until this day and that day, one of them e even asked me to take a day off from work to accommodate them... they're busy I understand. So I called and the receptionist ( I forgot your name ) told me to text over my insurance card so she can get me started, moments later I got a text back ( after a missed call) stating that my insurance is good; and the doctor had made an accommodation to skip lunch to fit me in ( really??), they took care of the problem today and send me home with at home teeth care education ( lol I guess I do need it) the dentist, Dr. Hien was funny, he's very personable. I appreciate the effort of going of out his way to help a patient in pain. I made my follow up appointment the same day because they can't address the issues all in one day. I like the fact that it does have a very down to earth yet knowledgeable feel here.
Joseph N.
Unistar at Dental is by far the best dentist I have been to since Dr. Ta moved into the area. They have friendly staff, and the dentist is an extreme delight and highly efficient. If you're looking for a professional office with friendly staff, this is the place. I highly recommend it! Dr. Ta has over 20 years of experience. First time going to dentist without any pain. I already book him for my next appointment.